Mission: Glass Soldier

This year is special for my family. This is the year both my parents finally retire from their service in the Military. My parents are my hero’s. They sacrificed so much for me and my siblings to make sure that we had a good childhood full of adventure, love, and laughter. Now that they’re both out, comes a new chapter in life but for Vets the mission doesn’t stop just because you’re out of uniform. You find a new mission.

For my mom and I, it’s a Foundation with a mission to develop technology and training’s focused on eliminating sexual assault in the Armed Forces. We are going to challenge the powers that be and build solutions that make a positive impact for survivors. Our determination and data-driven work ethic is what drives our mission to succeed.

I hope you will support this cause and help us continue the mission. If you are interested in donating to the cause or joining our Advisory Board or Board of Directors please follow the links below. We are prioritizing those in the data, communication, and finance fields but ALL may apply.

Please check out: GlassSoldier.org

To Donate: GlassSoldier.org/Donate

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